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Entrepreneur, #1 best selling author,

mom and motivational speaker

 Aaniin...Hello... Welcome to the Chronicles of Momma Mac Soul Academy!

I welcome you to explore this sacred space and lean into the teaching and wisdom shared as we are on our walk of unity together!

Inside this space, you will find the resources you need to fully embrace the power of who you are as a person and should you choose... the tools you may need to deeply dive into healing, understanding, and expansion.

This sacred space showcases an abundance of teaching takeaways, self-care programs, self-discovery, and memberships to deeply impact the lives of both children, adults, families, and communities!

Coach Heather has designed each offering with the intention of creating space for discovery, understanding healing, and personal growth on both an individual and organizational level. 

So... what are you waiting for?

Shine brightly in all you do!


Coach Heather

From My Blog

I am so very passionate about showing up, listening, and giving witness to all of the things that life has to offer us! I am also a very Real Momma who speaks from her soul... I hope that you enjoy the ride & rise up to shine brightly in the world!


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"Heather has been a breath of fresh air to our family. Our adoptive son is Native American and Heather has been working with him to help him find his way and connect with his indigenous background. She is a kind, compassionate person who has taken our son under her wing and is helping him navigate through all that life throws at him. She is genuine and has connected so well with our son in such a short time. When a 12 year old boy, after a life coach session with Heather says, "Mom, I really liked that", you know there is something special there"

Lisa-Collingwood, Ont

Calm Woman

“My experiences with Heather have been extremely powerful, she creates a space of love and understanding that allow me to open up and start my path to enlightenment. We all have a past, Heather guides us to release the emotional connection to the negative situations and leads us to live our very beautiful true life ”

Donna - Creemore, Ont

Love Yourself

" I first met momma Mac at the vision board building event on January 9, 2020. As a person who suffers from a mild form of social anxiety, I was very unsure about what to expect at the event. Momma Mac instantly came up to me and introduced herself and picked up on my uneasiness and made me feel welcomed, relaxed and I feel very comfortable.

While at the event she taught us how to center ourselves and focus on the now and open ourselves up to the universe, Momma Mac also offered a cleansing of our energy if we so chose. 

Momma Mac is a wonderful woman, who has a wonderful spirit and soul, she truly cares for people and loves to be able to help anyone in need. It is my personal opinion that momma knows what she is doing and only wants the best for people. 

Thank you Momma Mac for coming into my life."

Mary- Elizabeth- Dundalk, Ont

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