Meet Heather

Finding our way back to connection is the first step to awakening our soul! Life is hard... but we are made to do hard things and thrive!

Heather McIntyre 

Indigenous Life & Wellness Coach, Youth Educator, Inspirational Writer & Motivational Speaker.

From a very young age, I knew that I was very different and that my purpose in this world was meant to be explored through a lens of learning & experiencing! 

 To say that my life experiences sculpted me is an understatement... they broke me, healed me and they shaped me into the strong confident healer and leader I am today with a passion for shining light, love, and peace in the world for all to lean into!

Claiming my Indigenous birthright has been a powerful transformation that has furthered my healing & deepened my connection in everything I do. All of my teachings are wrapped in the coat of my two-eyed seeing gift giving the receiver a fully rounded multi-layered healing & learning plan.

The most important piece of my life journey has taught me that without connection to one's self we will continue to flounder inside the stories of our past. We are bigger than our stories- we are designed to rise strong and fully embrace our world without strife, struggle, or fear. That is what I teach, I breathe and I live... I invite you to shine brightly and fully step into your personal power with me and many others! Together we can make a difference... are you ready?


Coach Heather, CLC, CHC