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I AM Heather, I walk my path today as a healer, a survivor, and a student of life!

In my culture, they speak of sitting with Creator before entering this path and fully choosing, understanding, and knowing all that you will experience. There will be good times, there will be bad dimes and the goal of this journey is to walk the path of lessons that bring you home.

It is through my trauma that I shine light and know my strength... for a long time, I allowed it to shape my world and hold me, prisoner... frozen in time... until I realized, there was so much more to learn and live by. It was through that journey that I realized that the systems we work within are not accomodating to healing... that I had lots of resources, but know soul thread to connect them to my individual journey. It was hard to navigate healing a crisis and navigating a system that could not feel.

That is why I created The Chronicles of Momma Mac Soul Academy! That is why I open conversations to advocate for change in our system and our world! And that is why I open the door for my people to have a voice... that is the awakening of the soul... and that is the core of what I teach in everything I do!


We strive to create space for all relations to find their voice to better understand and empower healing, connection, and safety as they navigate the world around them. 


Through knowledge sharing, education, and professional coaching we will build relationships that empower personal self-awareness, expansion, and healing. We will also open doors for community collaboration to create unity that empowers strength and personal growth.