Ever wonder how that Starbucks Barista at the drive-thru always manages to turn your frown upside down with his chippy smile, contagious banter, and compassionate interaction?

He does this because he is fully showing up present in his world! He knows that most of the people coming through that lineup are going to be pissy, agitated, confrontational, and rude... but for him, he just chooses to be the sun, shines brightly for all to see being authentically him, and allows people to show up in their space (for the most part) exactly how they choose to be with no expectation to change them in any way! But wait a minute... he does change them simply by locking into his "growth mindset" and harnessing his power of happiness!! He breaks each transaction down into "bitesize" pieces and successfully completes the "experience cycle" like a champ!

When we ground into the world around us it is easy to come from this place and fully create a world that is less stressful, more inspirational, and completely attainable. YES, we have crappy days, yes, the world can serve us an abundance of crap to take care off always... but WE ALWAYS have the choice of how we handle it, what we take on and how we accomplish the transactions of life that present themselves to us!

Here are 5 Hot Tips to keep your Happiness Currency running high!

  1. Choose joy as your opening statement to the universe in the morning! Create some affirmations of gratitude, hope, intention, and hope to carry into your day and pull on whenever you need to at the trying times you may be faced with!

  2. Remember to carve out at least 30 mins of personal time each day for self-care!

  3. Keep Moving! All of the emotional charges we experience in a day need a place to release...put on your favorite music, dance, sing, exercise... just get it out!

  4. But yourself first, find little ways each day to appreciate all the hard work you do to show up, be present, and handle all the situations you face!

  5. Believe in yourself and know your own personal worth by ensuring that you set-up healthy boundaries allowing you to process all of your transactions with Emotional Intelligence, Compassion & Sucess!

Happiness is a choice my friends and if we are deeply connected to our own personal power living presently in our lives then we create experiences of greatness & expansion in all we do! I tell my clients often that your forehead is representative of "the sign on a bus" telling people which direction your heading(mindset). The question for you right now is...

What is the sign on your bus? Cause that is going to give you exactly what you asking for, if it's less than desirable then trying on a few of the tips above can provide you with a shift to make a difference!

Shine Brightly in all you do! And if you find that hard and want to talk things through then I am merely a phone call away... again, "what direction" are you heading?

Miigwetch (Thank you)


Coach Heather

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