Remember what it was like to play? To create effortlessly and be open to learning new things? If the answer is no, look into the eyes of the nearest child around you and surrender to seeing from the eyes of your younger self!

Life doesn't need to be so heavy and so rigid! We all walk around fumbling to find things that inspire us, ways to play without looking ridiculous, and a partner in crime to just get dirty with and let our "inner child" shine!

When is the last time you giggled so hard you almost peed your pants?

What happened the last time you had breakfast for supper and candy for breakfast ( not a lifestyle change), but an exception to play every now and again!

What hold you back from fully releasing?

Do you know how to play...c'mon, we all do- we just have to allow it to happen!

I challenge you today to play like a child with eyes of wonder, excitement, and adventure. Better yet, if you have a child in your life join them in the action of their day... ask them what they find fun and make a game out of taking you on an adventure to experience their favorite things! This is a win-win situation cause it reminds you of who you are in peace and it shows them that you find value in their ability to explore, discover and navigate the world making healthy choices infused with wonder, fun, and awe!

Remember that everything we do is a mirror for not only ourselves... but for our families as well. The more times they can experience a well-rounded balance of "life transactions" it gives them the confidence and experience of completing the "emotional experience wheel" and this makes them a powerful emotionally intelligent human to lead in this world!

Go ahead and play!

Dance, laugh, and giggle... you deserve to ignite your inner flame again!

Let your imagination soar and your light shine brightly!

Till next time,


Coach Heather

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