How many times have we left our hearts and souls on the floor after being overwhelmed with something not going our way or the way we intended it to go?

There really are no failures in this world when we come from a place of acceptance, understanding & intention to learn, to grow, and to stretch beyond limits!

Now more than ever we have to come at each day from a place of connection and intention to do our best, express our talents, test our perceived weakness and look the "naysayers" whether external or deeply rooted straight in the face and say... "Beat it... I got this!"

Trash the "fairytale mindset" that we have been programmed to believe that life is magical and filled with gifts aplenty and accept the reality that "life is hard" this is normal... we are build to experience that ups and downs cause it is where the magic grows, the seeds of resilience, courage, intention, vulnerability, acceptance, and accomplishment. We need all of these things to be able to move through each experience we come across or create with authenticity, integrity, determination, and strength!

This is the mindset we must all learn to apply to the "chaos of life" for this is what regulates our emotional journey in processing all that we do! What??? I know... listen. We all have EVENTS in our lives and if we can look at these said experiences as just that... an EVENT that happens, find the emotion or feeling that best describes how it makes us feel and why and finally apply a "normalized' action of completion to process all the experience then we successfully complete the ride, gain the insight, learn what works better for next time and confidently step forward again.

The other mindset opens us up to doubt and a deep rabbit hole of that Failure mindset and initiates a "flashing red beacon" of shame, blame, despair, etc! The process is interrupted, we get stuck on the "emotional rollercoaster" of failure and that literally keeps us frozen at this one step creating doubt and fear for everything ahead of us! Not what we want... but most of our society is stuck in this place in one form or another!

No more warpaint! You are enough, beautiful and you too can change this ride... there is so much beauty inside of you screaming to be seen in this world! So today, I want you to do one simple thing to bring you back to the center, to the silence, and to the inner flame inside!

Where ever you are, take 15 mins... just for you, to fully breathe!

It might feel really hard at first, your body may resist, your mind may convince you to run, we don't have time for this... but listen... hear it? Right there in all of the crazy... in for 5 counts, hold for 5 counts, exhale for 7 counts, hold for 5 counts and repeat again!

This is the place where new beginnings start!

Enjoy... good job! You just took the first step to calming the storm! If you would like to learn more or dive a little deeper into changing your stories then simply connect with me here and set up a time to talk about your biggest dreams and wishes!

It all starts with you... shine brightly in all you do!


Coach Heather

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