With everything that is expected of us in this world, how can we not feel overwhelmed on a daily! Between work, relationships, family, and friends I never had a minute to figure out who the hell I was without all of this distraction...

Have you ever found yourself deep in the middle of life and suddenly it hits you... who the hell am I? Where do I fit in all of this? With so much expectation/responsibility how do I make myself a priority? Then without committing to it the unravelling of guilt, shame, blame, reasoning and talking yourself back down to your numbed out, neverending wheel of self sacrifice for the greater good kicks into high gear convincing you there is time for that in the future, go back to sleep, you... do see the patterns that shape us and keep us unteathered, out of balance and on the edge?

This really is a turning point of truth... stay with me here, take a deep breathe in and let that shit go! It does not serve you, it does not make things easier and for the most case... it probably didn't start with you in the first place...screetch! Yep, not your monkeys, but you have found yourself hanging from the high ropes above the circus floor knowing that this shit as to change!

The Top Three Things you can do right now to take back your control is...

1.Take 3 deep, full breathes and repeat after me... It's ok, you are doing ok! This may feel really crazy and out of control and yes you may feel all the feels of shame, blame, guilt etc. When they come... we name it... normalize it... and move through it by saying yes- I am lost, but I am strong enough to find my way back and I am going to take one simple step forward to do so!

2. Gather all your schedules, calendars and expectations and find a 30 min window each day that you can "pencil yourself" into! No excuses, I don't care if you just sit and stare at the calander wondering what to do... the action is that we reinsert ourselves back into our lives to start the process of selflove, selfcare and accountability to thrive! Note: When we continually operated from the lens of our people pleaser self and give all we have to take care of other we are actually hurting EVERYONE! We are sending a message to ourselves that we don't matter, we are telling the world that we have no boundaries, we are telling our partner that our needs don't matter and we are teaching our children that this is what being a human looks like in the world. All of these habits that we have taken on as our life are literally breaking us and all of our relations down from the inside out! When we fail to value ourselves we create resentment, disappointment, sadness, pain and illness! C'mon, that is not what you signed up so cleaning up this old wornout way of thinking and moving through life is worth the effort to change!

3.Finally, find someone who you can talk too, join an empowerment group, club and invest in your own personal journal! The first thing I teach my clients is the power of "owning your own story" and we do this through writing, meditation and intentional goal setting! All things you can do with a Coach, group, club and on your own in private with your journal. It's a releasing techniques that allows us the space to just dump the load of the day so we can move on into our nightly repair phase and get ready to start new again! An avoidance to doing this is a reflection that your avoiding your own story...I get it, its scary, its hard and its uncomfortable...but its the story of who you are and that is a story of beauty!

Go easy, be kind and leave your "judgy, judgy, self loathing" at the door... this is the start of finding balance and there is more beauty than you will ever image here as you connect to your soul and shine brightly for the whole word to see!

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Stay beautiful, stay humble and be you!


Coach Heather

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