Getting clear on the intention of your goals is crucial to your success!

The question is... are you looking at the "event" through a clear lens of understanding?

From a very young age, we are driven down the roads of experience and shown how to navigate the world in the ways that our family teaches us. Now listen, we all set out to have good intentions when raising our children...and depending on how we perceive and experience the world is how we will teach the generations to lead. Truth is thou... most of us are looking at the world through the "lens of learning" wrapped in fear and limited to truly expand! Society has programmed us to speak when spoken to, rise up when asked otherwise stay small enough to move forward, and mind our manners. We begin to imply limitations on all we do, some of us shrink so small we feel like we are lost and we stay frozen doing the same repetitive patterns of interaction in the world allowing it to lead us instead of us taking the reins! Am I wrong? At some point in your life have you not felt this way? These are the glasses of the generations before us and this is what the strongest leaders living their best lives have "taken off" as they have fully embraced their own lives! Is it easy? No, but man is it worth it!

I am not my past, I am not my mother, I am not my father, I am not my younger version of myself that got "hung up" along the way... I am, ready to fully look at all of the pieces that make up me, I am willing to look at the roadblocks that have me frozen in this state or repeating patterns of sabotage holding me hostage... cause this is how I grow, how I learn and how I change and move towards the stress I long for!

Are you ready? You can do all of this too!

Looking to dig a little deeper? Why not connect with an Individual Coaching Session and check out all of the offerings available to create your own "new mold" for the life you want now!

Want to stick a toe in the water... give our Soul Shine Membership a try... this is a perfect way to create the starting point to the transformation you are looking for!

Remember, you matter! You got this! You are Enough and everything you do to claim your power is worth celebrating because Transformation is a continual process of letting go!

Shine Brightly,


Coach Heather

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