I AM is one of the most powerful statements we can make in our lives!

Can you connect with this statement or do you have a hard time putting yourself into the stories running in your life? Believe it or not... this is hard for a lot of people and is usually an undercurrent that started in our earliest experiences and relationships!

" Healing is an inside job and there is never a downside to taking responsibility for your own experiences"- Coach Heather
What if I had a magic wand and you had full control over to build the life that you've been longing for... what would you wish for first?
Who would be with you? What would that look like, what are you wearing, what does it feel like, what are some of the emotions that you are feeling right now as you fully believe in the magic of this dream?

There is one thing that I learned the hard way many years ago and that was without the connection I did not harness the power to fully own my "I AM Story" and that is such a powerful first stepping stone to truly creating a magical life that was all mine for the first time ever!

So today, I want you to consider this... you do not need a magic wand cause you have everything you need right in front of you right now! What?? Yep, you just need to adjust the glasses, clean up the old worn-out thoughts of failure and firmly set the intention to create, call in and build the life that you can touch in your dreams!

As an Indigenous woman, I am powerfully connected to the moon cycles and the power they have in manifesting, creating, and releasing all that is current in my world. I invite you to fully take some time and sit down with an empty piece of paper, take your pen and divide it into 3 sections... on one side write "What I dream of"... next section write "What I No longer want"... and final section... "What am I willing to do to change this conversation with myself"... sit with that for a while- this is the starting point to getting clear and preparing to lay down some new seeds of intention to grow!

If you want to lean into more of this "Moon Magic" or work on creating your "I AM" story a little more then you should join me in our Membership "Soul Shine with Coach Heather" where we dig into this a little deeper every month with a brand new intention, takeaways, and wisdom!

Till next time,


Coach Heather

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